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Preparing release of 1.2.5

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foosel committed Aug 31, 2015
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# OctoPrint Changelog

## 1.2.5 (2015-08-31)

### Improvements

* [#986]( - Added tooltip for
"additional data" button in file list.
* [#1028]( - Hint about why
timelapse configuration is disabled.
* New central configuration option for commands to restart OctoPrint and to
restart and shut down the system OctoPrint is running on. This allows plugins
(like the Software Update Plugin or the Plugin Manager) and core functionality
to perform these common administrative tasks without the user needing to define
everything redundantly.
* Settings dialog now visualizes when settings are saving and when they being
retrieved. Also the Send/Cancel buttons are disabled while settings are saving
to prevent duplicated requests and concurrent retrieval of the settings by
multiple viewmodels is disabled as well.
* Better protection against rendering errors from templates provided by third
party plugins.
* Better protection against corrupting the configuration by using a temporary
file as intermediate buffer.
* Added warning to UI regarding Z timelapses and spiralized objects.
* Better compatibility with Repetier firmware:
* Added "Format Error" to whitelisted recoverable communication errors
(see also [#1032](
* Added option to ignore repeated resend requests for the same line (see
also discussion in [#1015](
* Software Update Plugin:
* Adjusted to utilize new centralized restart commands (see above).
* Allow configuration of checkout folder and version tracking type via
Plugin Configuration.
* Display message to user if OctoPrint's checkout folder is not configured
or a non-release version is running and version tracking against releases
is enabled.
* Clear version cache when a change in the check configuration is detected.
* Mark check configurations for which an update is not possible.
* Made disk space running low a bit more obvious through visual warning on
configurable thresholds.

### Bug Fixes

* [#985]( - Do not hiccup on
unset `Content-Type` part headers for multipart file uploads.
* [#1001]( - Fixed connection
tab not unfolding properly (see also [#1002](
* [#1012]( - All API
responses now set no-cache headers, making the Edge browser behave a bit better
* [#1019]( - Better error
handling of problems when trying to write the webassets cache.
* [#1021]( - Properly handle
serial close on Macs.
* [#1031]( - Special
handling of `M112` (emergency stop) command:
* Jump send queue
* In case the printer's firmware doesn't understand it yet, at least
shutdown all of the heaters
* Disconnect
* Properly reset job progress to 0% when restarting a previously completed
printjob (see [#998](
* Report an update as failed if the `pip` command returns a return code that
indicates failure.
* Fixed sorting of templates: could only be sorted by name, individual
configurations were ignored (see [#1022](
* Fixed positioning of custom context menus: were offset due to changes in
overall positioning settings (see [#1023](
* Software Update: Don't use display version for comparison of git commit
* Fixed temperature parsing for multi extruder setups.
* Fixed nested vertical and horizontal custom control layouts.


## 1.2.4 (2015-07-23)

### Improvements

Large diffs are not rendered by default.

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<form class="form-horizontal">
<h3>{{ _('Commands') }}</h3>

<div class="control-group" title="{{ _('Command to restart the OctoPrint server') }}">
<label class="control-label" for="settings-serverRestartCommand">{{ _('Restart OctoPrint') }}</label>
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