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Fixed an issue with versioneer detecting sdist version

Implicit match on \n appears to be causing issues when
generating the sdist tarball under Windows. Matching against
\s+ instead works reliably. Simply including the newline in the
matched JSON string would also work fine.
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1 parent 970880d commit e847b355cde8b3746efdbdc4680b600427061d6b @foosel committed Nov 7, 2016
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@@ -1504,7 +1504,7 @@ def versions_from_file(filename):
contents =
except EnvironmentError:
raise NotThisMethod("unable to read")
- mo ="version_json = '''\n(.*)''' # END VERSION_JSON",
+ mo ="version_json = '''\s+(.*)''' # END VERSION_JSON",
contents, re.M | re.S)
if not mo:
raise NotThisMethod("no version_json in")

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