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@foosel foosel released this Sep 9, 2016 · 2684 commits to rc/maintenance since this release


  • #1434: Make sure to sanitize any file names in the upload folder that do not match OctoPrint's file name "sanitization standard" automatically when creating a file listing. This should solve issues with UI functionality like selecting a file for printing or deleting a file to not work with files that were uploaded manually to the uploads folder. As a side note: Please don't do this, use the watched folder if you want to SCP/FTP/copy files directly to OctoPrint.
  • #1434: Allow [ and ] in uploaded file names.
  • #1481: Bring back non-fuzzy layer time estimates in the GCODE viewer.
  • Improved fuzzy print time displays in the frontend. Rounding now takes overall duration into account - durations over a day will be rounded up/down to half days, durations over an hour will be rounded up/down to half hours, durations over 30min will be rounded to 10min segments, durations below 30min will be rounded up or down to the next minute depending on the seconds and finally if we are talking about less than a minute, durations over 30s will return "less than a minute", durations under 30s will return "a couple of seconds".
  • Improved intermediary loading page: Don't report server as ready and reload until preliminary caching has been done, IF preliminary caching will be done.
  • Added release channels to OctoPrint's bundled Software Update plugin. You will now be able to subscribe to OctoPrint's maintenance or devel release candidates in addition to stable versions. Read more about Release Channels on the wiki.

Bug Fixes

  • #1448: Don't "eat" first line of the pause script after a pause triggering M0 but send it to the printer instead
  • #1477: Only report files enqueued for analysis which actually are (as in, don't claim to have queued STL files for GCODE analysis)
  • #1478: Don't display inaccurate linear estimate ("6 days remaining") until 30 minutes have passed, even if nothing else is available. Potentially related to #1428.
  • #1479: Make sure set cookies are post fixed with a port specific suffix and that the path they are set on takes the script root from the request into account.
  • #1483: Filenames in file uploads may also now be encoded in ISO-8859-1, as defined in RFC 7230. Solves an issue when sending files with non-ASCII-characters in the file name from Slic3r.


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