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@foosel foosel released this Nov 8, 2016 · 2656 commits to master since this release

Notes for Upgraders

A bug in 1.2.16 might prevent you from updating, here's what to do if that is the case

If you are running 1.2.16 and are receiving an error message about the upgrade not being possible upon attempting to upgrade, open the Settings dialog, click "Save" once (you don't have to modify anything!) and then try again[1]. Your update should work now.

The reason for this being necessary is a small bug in 1.2.16: a missing migration step for a changed setting required for the update mechanism to work. Saving the settings triggers the migration step and fixes the issue.

[1] : To get the notification displayed again, either reload the page, or trigger it manually via Settings > "Software Update" > "Check for update now"


  • Files like config.yaml etc will now persist their permissions, with a lower and upper permission bounds for sanitization (e.g. removing executable flags on configuration files but keeping group read/write permissions if found).
  • Log full stack trace on socket connection errors when debug logging for octoprint.server.util.sockjs is enabled
  • SettingsPlugins may now mark configuration paths as restricted so that they are not returned on the REST API
  • Updated LESS.js version
  • Improved the serial.log logging handler to roll over serial log on new connections to the printer instead of continuously appending to the same file. Please note that serial.log is a debugging tool only and should not be left enabled unless you are trying to troubleshoot something in your printer communication.
  • Split JS/CSS/LESS asset bundles according into asset bundles for core + bundled plugins ("packed_core.{js|css|less}") and third party plugins ("packed_plugins.{js|css|less}"). That will allow the core UI to still function properly even if an installed third party plugin produces invalid JS and therefore causes a parser error for the whole plugin JS file. See #1544 for an example of such a situation.

Bug fixes

  • #1531 - Fixed encoding bug in HTTP request processing triggered by content type headers on form data fields
  • Fixed forced config.yaml save on startup caused by mistakenly assuming that printer parameters were always migrated.
  • Fixed issue causing remember_me cookie not to be deleted properly on logout
  • Fixed broken filter toggling on ItemListHelper class used for various lists throughout the web interface
  • Fixed an issue with the preliminary page never reporting that the server is now up if the page generated during preliminary caching had no cache headers set (e.g. because it contained the first run setup wizard)
  • Fixed a bug causing the update of OctoPrint to not work under certain circumstances: If 1.2.16 was installed and the settings were never saved via the "Settings" dialog's "Save", the update of OctoPrint would fail due to a KeyError in the updater. Reason is a renamed property, properly switched to when saving the settings.
  • Fixed the logging subsystem to properly clean up after itself.
  • Fixed a wrong order in loading JS files on the client introduced in 1.2.17rc2 to make the UI more resilient against broken plugin JS.
  • Properly handle empty JS file list from plugins. Solves a 500 on OctoPrint instances without any third party plugins installed generated during web asset bundling introduced in 1.2.17rc2.

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