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@foosel foosel released this Mar 10, 2017 · 1452 commits to rc/maintenance since this release


  • #732 - Have OctoPrint's python clean build on stock
    python clean for better compatibility with packaging systems
  • #1506 - Better handle really long "dwell"/G4 commands on Repetier firmware (as for example apparently recommended to use with Wanhao D6 and similar printers for nozzle cooling) by actively stalling communication from OctoPrint's side as well. That way we no longer run into a communication timeout produced by a 5min dwell immediately happily acknowledged by the printer with an ok.
  • #1542 - Support for multi-extruder setups with a shared single nozzle and heater (e.g. E3D Cyclops, Diamond hotend, etc).
  • #1712 - Display current folder name in file list if in sub folder.
  • #1723 - Ignore leading v or V on plugin version numbers for version checks in plugin manager and software updater (see also #1724)
  • #1770 - Better resilience against null bytes received from the printer for whatever reason.
  • #1770 - Detect printer as connected even when only receiving a wait instead of ok. Should solve issues with initial connect where printer sends garbage over the line that eats/covers the ok if printer also sends regular wait messages when idle.
  • #1780 - Work around for Safari re-opening one copy of the webcam stream after the other and eating up bandwidth unnecessarily (see also #1786)
  • #1790 - Removed unused "color" property from printer profile editor.
  • #1805 - Better error resilience against invalid print history data from plugins that replace the printer communication.
  • Better error resilience in Plugin Manager against wonky version data in repository file.
  • Added a "Restart in safe mode" system menu entry that will always be available if the restart command is configured
  • CLI: Only offer daemon sub command on Linux (since that it's the only OS it works on)
  • Less throttling of analysis of GCODE files from the analysis backlog. Should still leave Pi and friends air to breathe but allow a slightly faster processing of the backlog.
  • Added an explanation of safe mode to the docs.
  • Freed up some space in the navigation bar by reducing "Settings" and "System" to icons only, size limiting the user name and the configurable instance title and no longer prefixing the latter with "OctoPrint:". This should hopefully allow some of the more larger footprinted navbar plugins to still fit in one line. Plugin authors, please keep the restricted space up there in mind and try to minimize your footprint as much as possible.

Bug fixes

  • #733 - Fixed multiple event handler commands running concurrently. Now they run one after the other, as expected.
  • #1317 - Fixed a color distortion issue when rendering timelapses from higher resolution source snapshots that also need to be rotated by adjusting ffmpeg parameters to avoid an unexpected behaviour when a pixel format and a filter chain are required for processing.
  • #1631 - Disable "Slice" button in slice dialog if a print is ongoing and a slicer is selected that runs on the same device as OctoPrint. The server would already deny such requests (simply due to performance reasons), but the UI didn't properly reflect that yet.
  • #1671 - Removed "Hide empty folders" option from file list. Didn't really add value and caused usability issues.
  • #1771 - Fixed _config_version in plugin settings not being properly updated.
  • #1732 - Fixed a bug in the documentation for the printer profile API
  • #1760 - Fixed missing reselect of selected file when updating via the watched folder, causing wrong progress percentages to be reported.
  • #1765 - Fixed watched folder not waiting with file move until file stopped growing, causing wrong progress percentages to be reported.
  • #1777 - Fixed z-change based timelapses with Slic3r generated z-hops not properly triggering snapshots.
  • #1792 - Don't tell Safari we are "web-app-capable" because that means it will throw away all cookies and the user will have to constantly log in again when using a desktop shortcut for the OctoPrint instance.
  • #1812 - Don't scroll up navigation in settings when switching between settings screens, very annoying on smaller resolutions (see also #1814)
  • Fix settings helper not allowing to delete values for keys that are present in the local config but not in the defaults.
  • Various fixes in the Software Update Plugin:
    • Don't remove manual software update configurations on settings migration.
    • Properly delete old restart/reboot commands that are now defined globally since config version 4. An issue with the settings helper prevented us from properly deleting them during migration to version 4.
    • Fixed python_checker version check method and python_updater update method.
    • Fixed update configs without a restart of any kind causing an issue due to an undefined variable.
    • Fixed broken doctests.
  • Upgrade LESS.min.js from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2 to fix the broken contrast function
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