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@foosel foosel released this Jan 28, 2020 · 9 commits to rc/maintenance since this release

⚠️ Important note on release candidates

This is a Release Candidate of OctoPrint. It is not a stable release: severe bugs can occur, and they can be bad enough that they make a manual downgrade to an earlier version necessary - maybe even from the command line.

You should be comfortable with and capable of possibly having to do this before installing an RC.

Feedback on this RC

Please provide general feedback on this RC in this ticket. An "All is working fine" is valuable feedback as well because it tells me people are actually testing this RC and just not finding problems with it.

If you run into any obvious bugs, please follow "How to file a bug report" - I need logs and reproduction steps to fix issues, not just the information that something doesn't work.



  • #3400: Add ClientAuthed event to allow plugins to react to a client logging in on the socket
  • #3418: Add API endpoint /api/currentuser to retrieve permissions & groups of currently logged in user
  • #3425: Change method of prompting for log in for guests without permissions
  • Add documentation for /api/access endpoints and update existing documentation with permission information

Bug fixes

  • #3396: Fix timelapse listing not properly refreshing on rendering a new timelapse
  • #3398: Fix checking of needs not being picky enough
  • #3409: Fix timelapse rendering progress reporting under Python 3
  • #3419: Fix permission modelling for PRINT permission
  • #3425: Fix permissions for /api/settings
  • #3426: Fix "Remember me" checkbox on forced login screen
  • #3428: Fix plugin installation and other CLI interactions under Python 2 and 3 and Windows
  • #3431: Fix folder writability test under Python 3
  • Fix endless loading issue when page is cached by browser in a tab and the server is down

Special thanks to all the contributors!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this release candidate and provided full, analyzable bug reports, and also @CapnBry and @fieldOfView for their fixes!

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