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Setup BeagleBone Black Rev C (Jessie)

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OctoPrint on BeagleBone Black Debian

This installs the testing Jessie Debian image from and then walks through setup of OctoPrint on that image.

Download Debian from the official source and install

You can select any of the debian (with or without graphical desktop) distribution for BeagleBone and PocketBeagle via microSD card.

Unpack (with Windows use 7zip) or unxz file_downloaded.tar.xz followed by tar -xf file_downloaded.tar if you are using unix.

Write to SD Card (with Windows use Win32DiskImager) or dd if=file_downloaded.img of=/dev/sdb (or of=/dev/sdc)

If you prefer to use the image on the microSD card instead of the internal flash memory, instead the microSD card into your computer (after ejecting) and then delete the MLO file located in boot > uboot directory. Insert SD Card into BBB
If you want to use the internal flash memory of the beaglebone, then power the beaglebone with Boot Switch (switch located closed to the microSD card) pressed until LEDS flash. When Cylon pattern is complete, remove microSD card and restart the beaglebone black. Please note that this may take up to 45 minutes to complete.

You can either use PuTTy (Windows) or ssh debian@ (unix) to log into since this is generally the default IP address of the beaglebone black. The default username/password of the debian distribution is debian/temppwd Please change the password using passwd. Once connected, you will see debian@beaglebone:~$

Setup BBB to run in performance mode
Optional step (but be sure to check as the cpufreq is set to performance by default), highly recommended since this will avoid stuttering of your 3D printer. nano /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils

Update I highly recommend to update the system for overall stability. To achieve that sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade has to be issued and pressing Y (or simply enter) when prompter to do so.

Internet Connectivity If you are using an ethernet cable, please skip the following and move on to Get OctoPrint. For wifi, issue connmanctl

connmanctl> scan wifi

connmanctl> services

connmanctl> agent on

connmanctl> connect wifi_dc85de828967_38303944616e69656c73_managed_psk

connmanctl> quit

Install pip and OctoPrint
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-pip

sudo pip install --upgrade pip

sudo pip install setuptools --upgrade

sudo pip install --upgrade distribute

sudo pip install

To test that everything is working well, issue, octoprint serve and you will see that octoprint is starting and the ip address will be given on the last time. Mine was looked like ...'base_url': ''

In your browser, navigate to

To setup OctoPrint to automatically start at boot
On beaglebone, Ctrl-C to stop octoprint server is it is running. Download the following files from the creator's github page. wget && sudo mv octoprint.init /etc/init.d/octoprint

wget && sudo mv octoprint.default /etc/default/octoprint

sudo nano /etc/default/octoprint and change all instances of pi to debian since this is our default username. An alternative option is to create user pi and then leave this file as is. DAEMON=/usr/local/bin/octoprint is the path of the octoprint executable and should be changed to reflect that. Please note that the # in front of DAEMON has to be removed.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/octoprint

sudo update-rc.d octoprint defaults

Startup Check
sudo service octoprint start

There should be no error when the above command is issued.

reboot to restart the beaglebone and have octoprint automatically start when booting. Connect your 3D printer to the USB port of the beaglebone black and proceed. If you need to know the ip address of the beaglebone, issue ifconfig -a and the ip address of the beaglebone will be under either eth0 (ethernet port) or wlan0 (wifi) and the keyword to look for is inet. In your browser, navigate to <ip address>:5000/ (eg

Updated Jan 2019. Please send me a message is something is not clear (

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