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Commit to Deploy

  • setup

    # start minikube
    minikube start --vm-driver kvm2 --insecure-registry
    minikube addons enable ingress
    # you need to replace the service ip
    minikube ip
    find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed 's/' -i
    # apply manifests
    kc apply -f manifests/
    kc get pods -w
    # hack to make in cluster registry reachable
    minikube ssh -- bash -c "whoami; echo $(kc get service registry -o jsonpath="{.spec.clusterIP}") registry.default.svc \
      | sudo tee /etc/hosts"
    # get urls
    kc get ingress
  • setup tiller

helm init --tiller-namespace=myapp --upgrade
helm init --tiller-namespace=myapp-staging --upgrade
  • create git user

  • create git repo

  • add secrets to drone

    kc get secrets --all-namespaces -o json \
      | jq -r '.items|.[]|select(|test("default-token.*"))|select(.metadata.namespace|test("myapp.*")) |"\(.metadata.namespace) \(.data.token|@base64d)"'
  • add repo in drone

  • put myapp in gitrepo

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