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import os
import helper
class check_configuration_host_wildcards():
Are wildcards used when specifying allowed hosts?
# References:
TITLE = 'Wildcard Hosts'
CATEGORY = 'Configuration'
TYPE = 'configuration_file'
SQL = ''
verbose = False
skip = False
result = {}
def do_check(self, configuration_file):
output = ''
pg_hba_file_path = None
self.result['level'] = 'GREEN'
pg_hba_file_path = helper.get_config_value(configuration_file, 'hba_file')
if os.path.isfile(str(pg_hba_file_path)):
with open(str(pg_hba_file_path), 'r') as config:
for line in config:
if not line.startswith('#'):
if '' != line.strip():
values = line.strip().split()
if 'host' == values[0]:
if not values[2].startswith('.'):
self.result['level'] = 'RED'
output += values[2] + '\n'
self.result['output'] = output
except IOError as e:
self.result['level'] = 'ORANGE'
self.result['output'] = 'DbDat could not read configuration file. You may need to run DbDat using sudo.'
return self.result
def __init__(self, parent):
print('Performing check: ' + self.TITLE)
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