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A simple framework for sending test payloads for known web CVEs.
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PRs Welcome CircleCI

The goal of this tool is to send PoC payloads to verify server-side attack detection solutions. If detected, the server side should return a specified HTTP status code.

This tool is not intended to actually exploit the vulnerability or to test for the existence of the vulnerability.



./ --url

Specify detected response code (default is 403):

./ --url --status-code 406

Verbose (output CVE descriptions):

./ --url -v

Test a single CVE (with example output):

./ --url --status-code 406 --cve CVE-2017-9791 -v
The Struts 1 plugin in Apache Struts 2.3.x might allow remote code execution
via a malicious field value passed in a raw message to the ActionMessage.
        Test passed (406)
        Test passed (406)
        Test passed (406)
        Test passed (406)

Test for a group of CVEs. Groups are defined in groups.json.

./ --url --group struts

Test for a group type of CVEs. Types are defined in groups.json.

./ --url --type cms

List available groups or types.

./ --list group
./ --list type


Pull requests are welcome. Please use the existing CVE directories as examples of how you should structure your submission.

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