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Corne keyboard

The Corne keyboard is a split keyboard with 3x6 column staggered keys and 3 thumb keys, based on Helix. Crkbd stands for Corne Keyboard.


  • corne-classic (JP/EN): Corne for Cherry MX switches
  • corne-cherry (JP/EN) (tilting, JP/tilting, EN): Hotswappable Corne for Cherry MX switches by kailh PCB sockets.
  • corne-chocolate (JP/EN): Hotswappable Corne for Chocolate switches using Kailh PCB hot-swap sockets.
  • corne-light (JP/EN): Light-weight Corne (Easy build with a simple PCB).


cherry_01 cherry_02 cherry_03 cherry_04 chocolate_01 chocolate_02 classic_01 classic_02 light_01 light_02