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Super fast runtime generator for method Equal and GetHashCode. It provides methods for simple property-based comparer.
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Generator for methods Equal and GetHashCode.


  1. Value object with public properties

    All properties are considered when generating methods Equal and GetHashCode:

    public class ValueObject
        private static readonly IEqualityGenerator EqualityGenerator = EqualityPattern.FromPublicProperties(MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType);
        private readonly IEqualityValue equalityValue;
        public ValueObject(bool property1, int property2, decimal property3, float property4)
            Property1 = property1;
            Property2 = property2;
            Property3 = property3;
            Property4 = property4;
            equalityValue = EqualityGenerator.CreateValue(this);
        public bool Property1 { get; }
        public int Property2 { get; }
        public decimal Property3 { get; }
        public float Property4 { get; }
        public override bool Equals(object obj)
            return equalityValue.IsEqual(obj);
        public override int GetHashCode()
            return equalityValue.HashCode;
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