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MediaSoup sample

Since there are some users (including me) complaining about complexity of MediaSoup video conferencing module and lack of small/simple examples, I decided to create a bare minimum example of how can it be used in order to get people to understand it better and allow its faster adoption by the community.
This example consists of two independent parts: frontend and server and implements many-to-many video conferencing:


It's a minimal GUI that helps to understand better the client side of mediaSoup. It uses for communication. The reason I chose it over plain websockets is the latter doesn't support message acknowledgment which would result in extra lines of code (which in turn might create additional complexity).
Frontend also uses a minimal express server just to handle static files.


A single file (index.js) that does everything.


First, run the server:

cd server
npm install
npm start

It will start listening on 8080 port. It also handles connection from the frontend side.
Now, you may run a frontend side, which will allow requests on 3000 port:

cd frontend
npm install
npm start

Once that done, you can create/join rooms. Just open in your browser: http://localhost:3000/?roomId=room1&peerName=Alice
And in another tab: http://localhost:3000/?roomId=room1&peerName=Bob
It should create video elements in both tabs with remote peers.


I was trying to simplify everything as much as I could, so there are no ssl support, nor additional libraries. It's plain javascript. For the sake of simplicity, I also omit some events handling (for example, there are no handler on the frontend, when some peer leaves a room (video element will stay on html page)). Also, since I was in rush, I might miss something. I also didn't test much.