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System.out.footprnt("Footprnt is the next generation travel app!");
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Alt Text

1. User Stories (Required and Optional)

Footprnt is a travel app to allow people to explore the world right at your fingertips! Serving as a crowdsourced travel log of journal entries from across the globe, footprnt is all about you and all the other amazing people in the world. Explore and visualize posts on an interactive map and log every one of your adventures. You can also explore places through streetview, or discover adventures and win points for completing more adventures.

Required Must-have Stories

  • User can explore map and view posts from around the world, seeing markers of all the places people have posted
  • User can create posts at a particular travel spot
  • User can discover restaurants, museums, clubs, and hotels near a certain location
  • User can see adventure of the day, which they can skip or complete
  • News feed where users can see posts in a certain location
  • Discover page where users can see nearby businesses and view details, including reviews, websites, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Profile page where users can see visualize places they've traveled (Swipe L or R from home page)
  • Profile page with user stats (how many countries, cities, and continents visited, as well as trophies for challenges)
  • Profile page where users can see their own posts and edit their own posts
  • Profile page where users can edit their profile
  • User settings page, where users can edit map styles, make their account incognito, view saved activities, saved posts, or logout
  • Posting feature where users can add pictures/places they've been and share in news feed

Additional Stories

  • Google talk-back for visually impaired people
  • Landscape mode
  • Custom markers on Google maps
  • Offline mode

2. Screen Archetypes

  • Map/Home Screen
    • Users can see posts in location
    • Users can add new posts
    • User can view post details
    • User can discover more about an area
    • User can view streetview
  • Profile page
    • Users can see travel stats (how many cities/countries)
    • Users can navigate to settings
    • Users can change profile picture and description
    • Users can edit posts
  • Settings page
    • Users can change basic information here
  • Discover Page
    • Users can get "an adventure of the day" or it will just be a large list of activities in their current location. Users can type in a new location as well and screen reloads.

3. Navigation

Tab Navigation (Tab to Screen)

  • Map (Home)
  • Discover
  • Profile Page
  • Settings
  • Login/Signup
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