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A simple template for connecting Azure Logic Apps to Telegram
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Telegram LogicApp Connector

A simple template for connecting Azure Logic Apps to Telegram. See the blogpost @


Creating a telegram bot by following this tutorial:

Supported Telegram API calls

  • SendMessage -> Sends a plain text message to a group or chat.
  • GetUpdates -> Gets the last 100 updates send to your bot. This can be controlled by setting the offset or limit.

Getting it to work

For this to work you need to create a Azure Logic App Custom Connector. This can be done by going to the Azure portal where you can search for it.


Start creating a connector like below and let Azure do its job


After the creation is done we can start editing it by going here


Simply import the Telegram.json from this repository


Now you only have to press "Update Connector" and you can start using it in your logic apps. Optionally you can pick a color and choose an icon to use for this. This determines how it is presented in the logic apps designer

Using it

Create a logic app and go to "Custom" where the connector will appear


After adding it you can add the accesstoken and chatid (acquired in the prerequisite tutorial) and start sending messages.


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