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for-GET HTTP, by Y Software AB

We ask "why?" because software is just a means to an end to us, not a goal in itself.


  1. HTTP headers, media-types, methods, relations and status codes, all summarized and linking to their specification.

    Emacs Lisp 2.3k 160

  2. An activity diagram to describe the resolution of HTTP response status codes, given various headers.

    JavaScript 3.4k 197

  3. katt Public

    KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based API testing tool for Erlang.

    Erlang 73 17

  4. jesse Public

    jesse (JSon Schema Erlang) is an implementation of a JSON Schema validator for Erlang.

    Erlang 108 57

  5. core-pegjs Public

    A collection of core PEGjs grammars (IETF, ISO, etc.)

    CoffeeScript 41 6

  6. bin Public

    A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour.

    CoffeeScript 14 2


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