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Notes and curriculum for Foraker's Ember Reading Group
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So we're going to approach this class in preparation for building real production applications in an Ember 2.0 environment. This means that there will be an increased learning curve, and you'll be exposed to more aspects of the ecosystem than just Ember core.

You can jump in and get your feet wet with the Starter Kit from easily, but CLI is where Ember's headed and provides a robust setup for developing a Real Application. It will be standard in Ember 2.0 ( It does, however, mean you need to become acquainted with more things.

Table of Contents

Week 1

Get acquainted with Ember CLI and its dependencies.

Week 2

See Ember in action by making a simple app.

Week 3

Become familiar with Ember Data and the object model.

Week 4

Learn how to define and use templates, views, and components.

Week 5

See the details of routing and controllers in Ember.

Week 6

Figure out how to test Ember apps.

Week 7

Peak under the covers to see how Ember works; be inspired to contribute.

Additional Resources

Explore more with this organized links of additional resources that didn't fit well within a specific week.


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