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A guide of modern Java (Java 17)
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A guide to modern Java (Java 17)

This guide is about learning Java from scratch if you know a bit of C or JavaScript.

This is a Work in progress, it should be ready when the next LTS of Java (Java 17) will be released. All the codes run with Java 14 with the preview features enabled.

Note: if you are looking to only what's new in Java 14 I have set of slides for that.



Using Java Shell (jshell)

Each chapter comes with executable examples that you can run using jshell.

To get the examples, just clone this repository

  git clone

Then run jshell (at least Java 14 version)

   jshell --enable-preview

Then you can copy paste the examples inside jshell and see by yourself.

To quit use '/exit', to enable verbose error messages '/set feedback verbose', otherwise to get the help type '/help'

Using Jupyter notebook

on the cloud

You can run it directly in your browser Binder

or using docker

You need to have docker already installed, then

  • get the docker image from dockerhub
      docker pull forax/java-guide
  • run the docker image in a container
      docker run -p 8888:8888 forax/java-guide
  • open your browser using the tokenId printed on the console
      firefox http://localhost:8888/?token=tokenId

or install everything on your laptop

You need to have python3 and Java 14 already installed, then

  • clone this repository
      git clone
      cd java-guide
  • install jupyter
      pip install notebook
  • install the ijava 1.3.0 kernel (from Spencer Park)
    python3 --sys-prefix
  • patch it with the repository file kernel.json list all kernels to see if the java kernel is installed
    jupyter kernelspec list
    then copy the file kernel.json from the folder docker to the java kernel directory
    cp docker/kernel.json /path/to/jupyter/kernels/java
  • set the env compiler option enabling the preview features
    export IJAVA_COMPILER_OPTS="--enable-preview -source 14"
  • run the notebook
    cd jupyter
    jupyter notebook

Build markdown and jupyter files from jshell files

The markdown files (.md) and the jupyter files (.ipynb) are derived/generated from the jshell files using a small Java script.

Using java 14

  java --enable-preview build/
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