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😙 This repositary is archived

Big Dipper v2 is under active development and maintenance. Please visit Big Dipper v2 for any IBC-compatible chains.

As the Cosmos ecosystem keeps growing, the architecture of the legacy Big Dipper no longer can support the high traffic of interconnected Cosmos chains.

Forbole is ending the support for the legacy Big Dipper on 1st Dec 2021. If you would like to have an easy-to-deploy block explorer with Ledger support for your internal testnets using Cosmos SDK v0.42.x, you can still fork or clone this repositary.

Big Dipper

Block Explorer for Cosmos

Projects running on mainnets

Explore Akash with Big Dipper

Explore Band Protocol with Big Dipper

Explore Cosmos Hub with Big Dipper

Explore e-Money with Big Dipper

Explore IRISnet with Big Dipper

Explore IOV with Big Dipper

Explore Kava with Big Dipper

Explore LikeCoin Chain with Big Dipper

Projects with testnets


Desmos Network


Regen Network


How to run The Big Dipper

  1. Copy default_settings.json to settings.json.
  2. Update the RPC and API URLs
  3. Update Bech32 address prefixes
  4. Add coins settings
  5. Update Ledger settings


Run in local

meteor npm install --save
meteor --settings settings.json

Run via docker-compose

METEOR_SETTINGS=$(cat settings.json) docker-compose up

Run in production


It will create a packaged Node JS tarball in Linux x86_64 architecture at ../output. Deploy that packaged Node JS project with process manager like PM2 or Phusion Passenger.

You will need to have MongoDB >= 4.x installed and setup environment variables correctly in order run in production. For more details on how to deploy a Meteor application, please refer to the offical documentation on Custom Deployment.

Docker builds

big-dipper docker image is a multi stage build that is based on disney/meteor-base. When you change the meteor or node version, change the lines FROM geoffreybooth/meteor-base:2 and FROM node:12.16.1-alpine respectively. When running the image follow the same environment variable principles mentioned above. If you get an non-zero exit (137) error during the build phase, increase docker container memory and swap limit. Ideally you can set up remote docker host to prevent your computer's fan going brrrrrr.

Donations 🙏

The Big Dipper is always free and open. Anyone can use to monitor available Cosmos hub or zones, or port to your own chain built with Cosmos SDK. We welcome any supports to help us improve this project.

ATOM: cosmos1n67vdlaejpj3uzswr9qapeg76zlkusj5k875ma
BTC: bc1qye4k27zsn5nehzded6jwsvzg8qd6kgvxyhckts
ETH: 0x8CAb9F3fC6bBBD819050365627FC6B79d0ea73e6

And by downloading and using Brave.