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Tweak for DJI GO 4

Key features:

  1. Enables FCC on all devices and 5.8 on supported devices (changing country code to US)
  2. Enables BOOST, 32ch
  3. Disables Firmware checking
  4. Forces frequency to 2.3G or 2.5G

Tested on DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Inspire 2

Installation How-To

See: How to install the Patched DJI GO4 App on iPad or iPhone

Disable menu:

Set needed options to true

    var config = {
      version: 0.22,
      debug: false,
      country_code_us: true,
      force_boost: false,
      force_2_3_G: false,
      force_2_5_G: false,
      illegal_channels: true,
      disable_fw_upgrade: true,
      disable_nfz_upgrade: true

Comment line that enables interaction

Change from:





  1. Disable NFZ Checking
  2. Disable Quiz pop-up


Donations are welcome:

  • Paypal:
  • Bitcoin: 17w7qpgX4KnXFw1ppipm9khKGWEWsXkN3s
  • Etherium: 0x4d01f1ce8c283e850591322bd3699908d1e2e464
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