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This repository contains JavaScript artifacts that are shared between the different Salesforce Mobile SDK repositories. For more information, please check out the Salesforce Mobile SDK for Android, or the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS.


Contains all the SalesforceMobileSDK JavaScript libraries.


Contains all the Cordova plugins for the SalesforceMobileSDK (oauth / smartstore / sdkinfo). Includes this library after cordova.js in your HTML application.


Library to do REST API calls from JavaScript.


Library to do file related REST API calls from JavaScript.


Library to do REST API calls from JavaScript using promises instead of callbacks.


Contains the new SDK 2.0 SmartSync data library. This library depends on forcetk.mobilesdk.js and cordova.force.js. It also requires jquery, underscore and backbone.


Contains all the tests for the SalesforceMobileSDK JavaScript libraries.


HTML page to run the tests outside the container.

MockCordova.js, MockSDKInfo.js, MockSmartStore.js

Libraries used to mock the container when running tests directly in a browser.

SFTestSuite.js, SFAbstractSmartStoreTestSuite.js

Super class of test suites.

SFSmartStoreTestSuite.js, SFLSmartStoreLoadTestSuite.js

Test suites for SmartStore.


Test suite for the new SDK 2.0 SmartSync library.