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This is an issue-only repository for Salesforce CLI. We monitor this repository for feedback from the community about Salesforce CLI and we post proposals for CLI changes we are working on to collect feedback from the community.

If you have a feature or enhancement request for Salesforce CLI that is not related to our open-source repositories (see list below), please submit an issue here.

If you have encountered a bug in with the sfdx or sf CLI, please first go to the Salesforce DX section in Known Issues to determine if there is already a documented workaround. If you don’t see your bug listed, please open an issue on this repository.

NOTICE: GitHub is not a mechanism for receiving support under any agreement or SLA. If you require immediate assistance, please use official support channels.


If you are interested in contributing, please take a look at the CONTRIBUTING guide.

A note on CLI Unification

We recently introduced a new executable sf to Salesforce CLI. This is the realization of our strategy to unify our developer tooling across all Salesforce clouds and brands. See Get Started with CLI Unification for more information.

The release notes for both executables (sf and sfdx) are maintained in this repo.

Salesforce DX and CLI Documentation

The up-to-date list of CLI Repositories