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This is an issue-only repository for Salesforce CLI. We monitor this repo for feedback from the community and we post proposals for CLI changes we're working on to see what you think. We also store the weekly release notes here.

If you have a feature or enhancement request for Salesforce CLI, first review the existing discussions to see if someone has already requested it. If you don't see your feature or enhancement, click the New discussion button to create a new request.

Similarly, if you've encountered a bug with Salesforce CLI, check out the existing issues to see if it's already been reported. If you don’t see your bug listed, click the New issue button to create one.

NOTICE: GitHub isn't a mechanism for receiving support under any agreement or SLA. If you require immediate assistance, use official Salesforce customer support channels.


If you are interested in contributing, take a look at the CONTRIBUTING guide.

When contributing to Github Actions, modify the .github/actions/**/src files. A pre-commit hook will build and commit the compiled lib files. When adding a new action, add the path to the references in the base tsconfig.json file.

A note on CLI Unification

On July 2023 we announced the General Availability (GA) of sf (v2), which is the culmination of our CLI unification efforts, which started back in 2021 with sf (v1). sf (v2) is smart enough to understand both sfdx and sf commands, and due to its smaller size, it's faster to install and update. For more information see:

Salesforce DX and CLI Documentation

The up-to-date list of CLI Repositories