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The core plug-ins for the IDE
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Disable setting scopeID

This is an interim change to get the code to compile while waiting for

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com.salesforce.ide.apex.core.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.apex.core Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.api Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.branding Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.core.compatibility.auth.equinox Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.core.compatibility Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.core.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.core Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.deployment.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.deployment Update to v35.0 Update target file
com.salesforce.ide.test.commonlibs Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.ui.editors.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.ui.editors Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.ui.schemabrowser Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.ui.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.ui Disable setting scopeID
com.salesforce.ide.upgrade.test Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide.upgrade Update to v35.0
com.salesforce.ide Update to v35.0
config Update to v35.0
libraries Add tests for large objects
.gitignore Initial setup Fixed typo in Faron's name
LICENSE.html Initial setup Minor proofreading edits
SFDC_CLA.pdf Add CLA alpha IDE Core

This is the core part of the IDE development tools for

For more information, refer to the IDE page.


Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0

Getting Started

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Please refer to this wiki page.

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