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How many times had you heard about the newspapers of the future? That one tailored to your needs. Sure, there’s mashup of newspapers. But… how many newspapers let you select what articles or what authors do you want to read? They want you to see everything and, even better, enter into every article.

And what about employment sites? Or classified ads portals? You cannot filter out the content you’re not interested in. For example, the materials that certain seller is offering. Or the job offers that a hideous company is publishing just to harvest CVs. Had you noticed that there’s no options for filtering out this kind of content? Their business model is to push everything toward your eyeballs. Never to help you to find what you’re really looking for.

The logic behind FilterOut is simple: scan the page for Targets, let the user select by Target's content which content they're not interested in and delete the Containers where those contents are located. There's some element inspection with the Chrome Developer Tool required and some testing until you find the Targets for the site whose content you want to filter out.

How to

Install this as an unpacked Chrome extension and experiment. It's still a work in progress. Feel free to suggest changes, improvements...

A couple of sample configs:

'': { target: '.md-day-pinture-item .byline, .byline a', container: '.md-news-main, .md-day-pinture-item, .lst-item' }

'': { target: 'span .signature', container: '.article' }


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