Android mixer_path XML to ALSA UCM converter
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This tool helps convert Android mixer_paths.xml audio configuration to the ALSA UCM format. There is a sample configuration file in examples/ for the Nexus 4 (mako).

In relatively simple setups, the UCM that is produced should just work, but some manual tweaking might be required based on the audio subsystem (PulseAudio, CrAS, ...) and the hardware.

You can read more about the motivation and design in my blog post.


To build the code, you'll need stack, which your distribution probably provides. Check out the code and then run:

$ stack setup # if you haven't done this once already
$ stack build


To build with the example, you could do something like:

$ stack exec -- xml2ucm -m examples/mako-mixer_paths.xml -c examples/mako-config.xml -o examples

The generated files will be in examples/apq8064-tabla-snd-card/.