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Docker MongoDB Client Over SSH Tunnels

Connect to a MongoDB Atlas Cluster over SSH Tunnels

Primary Concerns

  • MongoDB Atlas replica sets have multiple nodes/hosts
  • the MongoDB client is node aware and might be "redirected" via hostname and standard MongoDB TCP port to other nodes in the replica set
  • because of this hostnames and ports used locally must match hostnames and ports used remotely
  • MongoDB Atlas permits network access only from user defined IP addresses and networks
  • connecting to MongoDB Atlas hosted service requires TLS
  • using TLS properly requires clients to use hostnames that match the TLS certificates of the server hostname (IP addresses won't work)
  • docker and compose can be used as a well defined setup and repeatability tool, as well as help to avoid network changes or installing software to the docker host
  • at the time of this writing assigning multiple static IPs to the same interface with docker is not possible


Clone this repo:

git clone
cd docker_mongo_client_over_ssh

Edit mongorc.js with appropriate mongodb:// connect string Edit docker-compose.yml with the 3 (or more) MongoDB Atlas Shard Hostnames Run the compose project to bring up the ssh tunnels

docker-compose up

Open a new terminal, run mongo shell, and mongorc.js gets run connecting the client to the remote MongoDB Atlas replica set

cd docker_mongo_client_over_ssh
docker-compose exec mongossh mongo --nodb

Alternatively Using Loopback Interface

The loopback interface on Linux listens for any IP address in subnet. This means you can just pick 127.anything and use it for ssh tunneling instead of setting up subnets and static IPs.

docker-compose.yml host mapping for lo:

      - ''
      - ''
      - ''

docker-compose.yml ssh tunnel config for lo:

      - -L
      - -L
      - -L


  • add user known host keys for ssh connection
  • write import/export wrappers


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