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Racets -- Faceted Execution in Racket

An implementation of faceted execution in the Racket programming language. Faceted execution is a technique that dynamically tracks information flow to ensure privileged data does not leak to unprivileged outputs. A rough analogy might be a more powerful version of taint tracking.

For more information about Racket, you can read the following papers:

You may also want to look at the Jeeves programming language, which uses similar concepts to Racets.

Racets extends the Racket programming language to allow writing programs that compute with secret values. Racets does this by providing a #lang language built on top of Racket.


The main implemenation of the language lives in racets-mlang.rkt. Many macros are provided that implement faceted execution for Racet. facets.rkt contains a library of operations on facets that are used to construct and manage facets.


Lives in the /paper directory, and may be built using the Makefile provided.

Case study: Battleship webapp

As a case study in how Racets can be used to perform policy-agnostic programming, we have implemented a web-based game of Battleship in Racket. The source for this game lives in case-study.rkt, and is written using Racets macros through Racket's #lang reader syntax. The game uses Racket's web-server package, which may need to be installed through raco pkg install web-server.

To run the webapp, use:

racket case-study.rkt

The webapp has four routes:

  • /player1/<id>: reveal's player 1's game board when id is player1, otherwise shows the empty board.

  • /player2strike/x,y: makes a strike on player 2's board game at the coordinate (x,y).

  • /player2/<id>, /player1strike/x,y: do the same things for player 2.


Faceted execution in Racket






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