cisco-global-exploiter : This tool detects 14 different vulnerabilities on Cisco routers and switches
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#   Cisco Global Exploiter
#   Legal notes :
#   The BlackAngels staff refuse all responsabilities 
#   for an incorrect or illegal use of this software 
#   or for eventual damages to others systems.

Project's maintainers :
Nemesis (nemesis[at]
E4m (e4m[at]

What is Cisco Global Exploiter :
Cisco Global Exploiter (CGE), is an advanced, simple and fast security 
testing tool, that is able to exploit the most dangerous vulnerabilities 
of Cisco systems.

How CGE works :
CGE has an intuitive and simple user interface and it is executable from
commands line, by inputting two simple parameters, like the target and the
vulnerability to exploit.

For more informations or a detailed description of all vulnerabilities
and of their exploiting, read /doc/documentation.