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Personal settings for X-Ways Forensics
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Personal settings for X-Ways Forensics

Customized version of the Filter:Type list


Date Description
2018-10-27 [OS] Windows Logs renamed to [OS] Windows User/System Activity
2017-08-23 New type category: User dictionary
2017-08-16 New type category: [OS] Windows Logs
2017-07-15 New type categories: Backup - Computer, Backup - Mobile Phones, Disk Image - Drive image, Disk Image - Virtual Disks, Pictures - Common formats and Settings
2017-04-25 New type category: Antiforensics
2017-04-08 New type categories: Antivirus, Fax and Network, Program config/log files
2017-04-01 New type category: Malware, Ransomware (mainly based on the Ransomware Overview document)
2017-03-31 Public release

The list is constantly updated. New ransomware extensions are added based on the tweets found on Twitter.

If you find this customized filter useful, please share it and help me improve it.

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