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All projects can be found in: ForeSeeSamples.xcworkspace



To run this Sample, you need a Adobe Experience Platform Launch account, and have set it up to use in mobile Apps.


  1. In the Adobe Launch dashboard, create a new Property for Mobile platform.
  2. Find and install the ForeSee SDK from the extension category. In the Configuration page, you can choose to enable Debug Logging and Skip Pooling Check
  3. Create a Rule
    Set the rule to trigger the ForeSee extension's Action: ForeSee - Check Eligibility. This will allow ForeSee SDK to check if the user is eligible for a survey. As below:
  4. Create an Environment.
  5. In Publishing, create a Library.
  6. Add the Rule you created, and make sure the ForeSee extension is installed. Save and Build.
  7. Follow the development environment mobile install instructions.
  8. In file FSAppDelegate.m, replace the AppID in [ACPCore configureWithAppId:@"launch-your-appID"] with your own app ID.

Running the Sample

After launching the sample app, background / foreground the app three times to trigger a CXMeasure invite. You can also update the foresee_configuration.json to change the trigger criteria.


This sample project demonstrates a more advanced implementation of the ForeSee trigger code in an empty iPhone app.


  • A ForeSee measure survey triggered by a "significant event" count, which can be incremented using a button in the app. The user will become eligibile to receive and invitation once a configured threshold is met.
  • A ForeSee Feedback survey
  • Localization of invites/survey. This app supports invite text overrides for Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese and can show surveys in English, French, and Spanish. Change your device's language setting to view invites/surveys in another language.


This sample project demonstrates a basic implementation of the ForeSee trigger code in an empty iPhone app. It uses the provided FSInviteView to show a modal dialog to the user inviting them to take a survey when they have met the configured threshold.


This sample project demonstrates a basic Swift implementation of the ForeSee trigger code. It uses a bridging header to include the SDK.


This example shows how to provide a user's contact information to the SDK for use in a CONTACT mode survey.


This example demonstrates the use of a custom invite handler.


This sample project demonstrates a Swift implementation of the ForeSee Feedback Survey code and configuration.


This sample project demonstrates a local notification invite. Accept the invite and then close the application. You will receive a local notification linking the survey.