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Basic site information for ForestGEO sites
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Atmospheric deposition
Landscape forest cover and change
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ForestGEO Site Data

About this repository

This public repository is a portal for site data for CTFS-ForestGEO sites.

It was initiated in July 2017 with data from Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2015), adding sites that joined the network since that publication.

This main directory contains basic site information. The repository also contains data on forest cover, loss, and fragmentation in surrounding landscapes and atmospheric deposition. These data are currently available only for the 59 sites included in Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2015).

For climate data, please visit the ForestGEO Climate Data Portal.

Contributing to this repository

We strongly encourage researchers in the CTFS-ForestGEO community to submit updates/corrections and to contribute relevant new data to this repository.

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