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2009-09-09 r138 Issue #104 Add a CHANGELOG file
2009-09-09 r139 Issue #102 Add Ticket CC's
Add rudimentary CC: functionality on tickets, controlled by staff users. CC's
can be e-mail addresses or users, who will receive copies of all emails sent
to the Submitter. This is a work in progress.
2009-09-09 r140 Issue #13 Add Tags to tickets
Patch courtesy of, adds the ability to add tags to
tickets if django-tagging is installed and in use. If django-tagging isn't
being used, no change is visible to the user.
2009-10-13 r141 Issue #118 Incorrect locale handling on email templates
Patch courtesy of hgeerts. Corrects the handling of locale on email
templaets, defaulting to English if no locale is provided.
2009-10-13 r142 Issue #117 Incorrect I18N usage in a few spots
Patch thanks to hgeerts.
2009-10-13 r143 Issue #113 - Clicking Queue names on the Dashboard was showing
all tickets; now only shows open tickets. Thanks to Andreas Kotowicz for the
2009-12-16 r144 Issue #122 - Infinite loop when most recent ticket was
opened in December. Thanks to Chris Vigelius for the report.
2009-12-16 r145 issue #123 - Google Chart doesn't show when there is a large
volume of data in the system. This patch restricts the chart to 1000px wide.
2009-12-16 r146 Issue #121 Formatting fix for email subjects. Thanks,
Andreas Kotowicz.
2009-12-16 r147 Issue #119 Update Russian translation, thanks to Alex Yakovlev
2009-12-23 r148 Issue #125 Errors occurring when running reports with no data
2010-01-20 r149 Issue #126 Reports didn't work with transalations.
2010-01-20 r150 Issue #127 Add german transalation, courtesy of
2009-01-20 r151 Issue #128 If queue name has a dash in it, email imported failed. Thanks to for the patch.
2010-01-21 r152 Fix indentation error caused by issue #126.
2010-01-26 r153 Fix issue #129 - can not 'unassign' tickets. Thanks to
lukeman for the patch.
2010-01-26 r154 Fix bug in the code from Issue #102 where TicketCC's couldn't
be deleted. Thanks again to lukeman.
2010-01-31 r155 Fix bug caused by issue #129 - ticket followup titles being
set incorrectly. Thanks to Lukeman for the fix.
2010-07-16 r157 Fix issues #141, #142 - IMAP infinite loops and ticket
pagination issues. Thanks to Walter Doekes for the patches.
2010-07-16 r158 New CSRF functionality for Django 1.1+. Thanks to
'litchfield4' for the patch.
2010-09-04 r159 Error when updating multiple tickets. Issue #135.
2010-09-04 r160 Fix translation blocks in deletion templates. Some translation strings will need to be updated. Thanks to william88 for the bug report.
2010-09-04 r161 Fix jQuery filename in public templates. Thanks to bruno.braga for the fix.
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