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socket drive control specification:

commands parsed in fifo manner

commands include a verb and a parameter:

Commands sent by the client in a single packet look like:
steer -75; drive 30;

commands include:
steer [-100-100];
drive [-100-100];
start; -- initallizes connection between drive controller, and control subsystem; required before other commands;
stop; --resets motors to 0, clears command buffer (doesn't get added to command stack in fifo paradigm)
pause; -- short .05 second pause, appropiate for spacing motor commands

command responses from the server appear in the following ways:
did steer 100 ; did drive -100; did stop;
any amount of white space may appear between any token or argument

additionally, errors or messages may come from the server at any time:

error "drive: could not contact drive subsystem";
warning "latency: command stack is far behind real-time";
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