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[doc] Add `--plain` option to README

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@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ You can use forever to run any kind of script continuously (whether it is writte
--sourceDir The source directory for which SCRIPT is relative to
--minUptime Minimum uptime (millis) for a script to not be considered "spinning"
--spinSleepTime Time to wait (millis) between launches of a spinning script.
+ --plain Disable command line colors
-d, --debug Forces forever to log debug output
-v, --verbose Turns on the verbose messages from Forever
-s, --silent Run the child script silencing stdout and stderr
@@ -230,4 +231,4 @@ Removes all log files from the root forever directory that do not belong to curr
#### Contributors: [Fedor Indutny](, [James Halliday](

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