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[doc] Remove unused `forever` option from docs

`forever` option was removed in d793874
as redundant.

Fixes #250.
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1 parent 8474c9c commit ea5317c4668bf05dcd6b6979cb7c8a340d19f93d @mmalecki mmalecki committed with AvianFlu Feb 29, 2012
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@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ There are several options that you should be aware of when using forever. Most o
// Basic configuration options
'silent': false, // Silences the output from stdout and stderr in the parent process
- 'forever': true, // Indicates that this script should run forever
'uid': 'your-UID' // Custom uid for this forever process. (default: autogen)
'pidFile': 'path/to/', // Path to put pid information for the process(es) started
'max': 10, // Sets the maximum number of times a given script should run

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