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forever start <script.js> differs from forever <script.js> #170

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sorry for title, i can explain:
node installed verison 0.6.2
If i start a script with

forever script.js

it starts node and runs script. In fact if i run

forever list 

this is output

info:   Forever processes running
data:  uid  command script forever pid  logfile                          uptime
data:   [0] fyio node    app.js 8832    8835 /home/ec2-user/.forever/fyio.log 0:0:0:13.492

But the strange behaviour is when i run

forever start script.js

it starts node and runs script, but if i run

forever list

this is output

info:   No forever processes running

but process is running!
from ps axfw i see following lines:

ec2-user  8874  0.0  1.7 726088 10608 ?        Ss   13:38   0:00 node /usr/local/bin/forever start app.js
ec2-user  8875  0.4  1.9 656500 12096 ?        Sl   13:38   0:00  \_ node /home/ec2-user/www/app.js

i noticed that in this case (when i run forever start script.js) in folder .forever/sock/ is not created .sock file...

First i tried with forever 0.7.2, and after, i tried also with latest version taken from git ( version nodejitsu-forever-4ae63d0), but i've the same issue...

if you need some more information, please ask

PS: thanks for this great piece of software!


I am also facing this issue. forever list/stop etc not working for daemons


I also noticed this issue. I checked pid files are created in dir under users home dir.


Forever doesn't on 0.6.2 yet. Thus, this is a duplicate of #144 (it's fixed, but not yet merged in #163). I'll close it.

@mmalecki mmalecki closed this
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