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Using an Amazon EC2 Micro instance to test right now and wanted to leave it running overnight to show a coworker of mine.
My app is using port 80 so I have to start it with 'sudo'
If I use 'sudo forever start app.js' forever launches it and tells me that it is running, then I do some things on the site (simple chat server for testing purposes right now, nothing spectacular) and run 'forever list' again and it tells me there are no running instances, even though I am currently using the site.

To make it worse, if you run 'sudo forever start app.js' again it goes through the same process, but it seems like the previous running process doesn't get stopped then either because the server progressively slows down at that point the more you launch new processes.


indexzero commented Jul 20, 2011

@jamespwright What version of forever are you using?


indexzero commented Jul 20, 2011

@jamespwright I can confirm the sudo issues in forever@0.6.1 ... I will investigate

@indexzero indexzero closed this in f756e62 Jul 20, 2011


indexzero commented Jul 20, 2011

@jamespwright This is fixed in forever@0.6.2, but you were also using it wrong. If you use sudo forever start ... you need to use sudo forever list... to see these processes.

You will now get warnings to remind you:

$ sudo forever start examples/server.js -p 8080
info:   Running action: start
info:   Forever processing file: examples/server.js
$ forever list
info:   Running action: list
warn:   Error contacting: /Users/Charlie/.forever/sock/forever.sock
info:   No forever processes running
$ sudo forever list
info:   Running action: list
info:   Forever processes running
data:       uid  command script                     forever pid   uptime      logfile                          
data:   [0] x_gw node    examples/server.js -p 8080 43611   43612 0:0:0:3.659 /Users/Charlie/.forever/x_gw.log 

I'm running into this problem as well - when I run a node.js file with forever and then do forever list it doesn't show any running processes, even though top verifies that the processes are there.

Yep, I'm having the same problem... I'm not sure that this is fixed. The script continues to run, but forever doesn't list it.

chovy commented Jan 23, 2014

same here. not fixed.

@indexzero @jamespwright Is this been fixed ?

I'm struggling with the same reason right now. Jeezzz. :(

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