Adding support for command directives, for example: '--nouse-idle-notification' and '--expose-gc' #361

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yairlev commented Dec 2, 2012

I added support for 2 important nodejs directives. The directives can be passed as follows:

forever --noUseIdleNotification --exposeGC

if the directives are explicitly specified, they are passed to the argument-list when spawning the node process. Currently there's no other way to pass these directives since they need to be placed before the js file name when spawning nodejs.

here's a reference to a discussion about this issue in stackoverflow

The change is also reflected in the forever-monitor's monitor.js file.

mmalecki commented Dec 2, 2012

We need a more generic solution, allowing us to pass any arguments to node. I'll update when I think about how to resolve this.

yairlev commented Dec 2, 2012

Have a look at the changes I've made. It now supports any arguments that are passed together with the command. For example: forever -c "node --nouse-idle-notification --expose-gc"

yairlev commented Dec 3, 2012

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. As you probably know the "--nouse-idle-notification" has some significant implications on node's performance. I cannot use forever in production unless I can pass this directive.

pjnovas commented Jan 8, 2013

What happened with this?, I'm needing to send that parameters.

yairlev commented Jan 8, 2013

No reply here. Use my branch. It works for me.

pjnovas commented Jan 8, 2013

Will do, thanks!


This is fixed with foreverjs/forever-monitor#8


This is fixed in forever-monitor, until we publish a new version to npm this will maintain open

+1 we definitely need support for this. is there an eta on the next npm version?

@indexzero indexzero closed this in 9cbe4cb Apr 21, 2013

Fixed. The --command option will now get passed to the latest version of forever-monitor so it will parse it correctly.

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