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There are two downsides I can see to this.

One is that the command-line output of forever list will now be a little bulkier.

The other is that some people might currently rely on the ability to stop identically-named scripts with a single command. However, that would mean they're relying on undocumented functionality that could be classified as a bug anyway.

@indexzero indexzero added a commit that closed this pull request Apr 21, 2013
@indexzero indexzero [fix] Added the default `dir` column which outputs the sourceDir from…
… `forever-monitor`. Fixes #367.
@indexzero indexzero closed this in 6047462 Apr 21, 2013

So not taking this, because as you said its overly verbose in the simple case. But fret not! If you really care about this you can now do:

$ forever columns add dir
$ forever list
info:    Forever processes running
data:        uid  command             script                     forever pid   logfile                          uptime       dir                                          
data:    [0] b7z5 /usr/local/bin/node examples/server.js -p 8080 13998   13999 /Users/charlie/.forever/b7z5.log 0:0:3:26.508 /Users/charlie/Git/nodejitsu/forever-monitor

Excellent, thank you. Until now I've relied on differentiating processes by the names of logfiles :)

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