Simple, Super-powered File Push over FTP/SFTP
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Simple, Super-powered File Push over FTP/SFTP

Formerly, named ftpush


This is a developer tool that should make developer life easier; greasing the gears. We adhere to a set of principles we believe will direct its development to a better place.

Table of Contents


$ npm install fpush --global
$ fpush --help

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project principles:

  • No lock-in: By using the tool, you do not get locked in. You have the freedom and choice to use another tool. It does not warrant you to change your workflow just to use the tool. The tool should just be a drop-in.
  • Mostly interruptible: The working of the tool should allow the operation to be stopped at any time without requiring the operation to be re-executed in whole. This is in consideration to the slow internet connections in some remote areas we work in.
  • Minimal: The tool just handles pushing files to the remote server. The internal core depends on drivers to access remote files. We should try as much as possible to reduce the code!
  • Embeddable: The tool exposes an API that allows other programs to use. The CLI employs this API itself.


  • Mostly unaware: The tool does not keep a history of the files. It simply compares files between the remote server and local machine. You will need to use other tools, such as Git, to track such revisions.


To start hacking on the application, read for guidelines and other relevant information.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 GochoMugo
Copyright (c) 2016 Forfuture LLC