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Furnace Container: CDI

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This addon is a 'Furnace container' that provides lifecycle and service registry support for dependent addons. Other addons may depend on this to use the CDI 2.0 programming model and dependency injection framework.

Dependencies: None


This Addon requires the following installation steps.

Add configuration to pom.xml

To use this Furnace container, you must add it as a dependency in the pom.xml of your forge-addon classified artifact:


Add META-INF/beans.xml file

In order for CDI to detect your classes, you must add the src/main/resources/META-INF/beans.xml file to your project.


Full CDI support

Your addon may use the full CDI specification, provide CDI extensions, and do anything that would otherwise be possible in a Java SE or Java EE CDI environment.

Automatic service registration

CDI Beans will automatically be added to the local ServiceRegistry for use in other addons.

public class ServiceX {
   // Will be available for use in dependent addons
Injection of services

Any types declared as dependencies of your addon will be made available via the dependency injection model. Service wiring occurs automatically.

public class ConsumerY {
   @Inject private ServiceX service; // From some other Addon
Observable container events

The Furnace container publishes several observable events to all addons throughout their lifecycle.

Event Type Description


Fired when this addon is has been fully started by the Furnace container, and may begin its work.


Fired when this addon is about to be shut down by the Furnace container.

Automatic event propagation

This container will automatically re-fire any CDI events for all other addons to observe. It also automatically listens for remote events and re-fires them for your local beans to observe.

Injection of Furnace APIs

This container also allows for injection of some of the core Furnace APIs into your objects. Below is a list of all injectable API types.

Injectable Type Description

@Inject private Furnace service;

A handle to the Furnace container in which this addon is being run.

@Inject private Addon self;

A reference to this addon itself. Allows access to the addon version, ClassLoader, service registry, current lifecycle status, and addon dependencies.

@Inject private AddonRegistry addonRegistry;

A reference to the global Furnace addon registry - can be used to retrieve addon and exported service instances.

@Inject private AddonRepository repository;

A reference to the repository in which this addon is deployed. Can be used to

@Inject private ServiceRegistry serviceRegistry;

A reference to the service registry of this addon. Can be used to retrieve service instances from this addon at runtime.