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This plugin makes it easy navegate between projects and directories with bookmarks in JBoss Forge 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

forge git-plugin git://

Get Started
You can save your bookmarks in 2 contexts:

* global: visible from any resource
* project: bookmark saved only for this project

There are 2 commands:
* mark
* go

Mark is useful to manage bookmarks, and go is useful to move to bookmark.

Possible useful script for use.

$ go home
$ go project
$ mark javasrc
$ cd ~/
$ go javasrc
takes you back to that dir
with tab-completion of course
$ go java<TAB>
$ go javasrc

// go without an argument lists the available targets
$ go
home (global)

By default, "mark" adds the bookmark to the current project's /META-INF/forge.xml
the --global command would redirect these settings to the ~/.forge/forge.xml or ~/.forge/config file

$ mark {name} --global (add by default)
$ mark add {name} --global
$ mark del {name} --global
$ mark list --global
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