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Jasmine Commandline Tool

I've been working with jasmine a bit for client side BDD. I like it but didn't like the gem too much so I decided to give a try at rolling my own tool written for node.js.

Installation instructions

This module is available for installation via npm. To install it simply type

npm install jasmine-runner


jasmine init

Will create a new project structure in the current working directory with a few sample specs and source object

jasmine run

Starts up the jasmine server to run specs from. Navigate to the url specified on the command line after running this command to manually run specs.

jasmine mon

Starts the jasmine spec server up and monitors for file changes. Navigate to the url specified on the commandline to "capture" a browser. Now any file changes to specs or javascript files in the src_dir will make the browser automatically reload and rerun specs.

jasmine ci

Fires up the server, spawns a browser pointed to the test server, captures the results and shuts down. Ideal for CI systems.

(This feature may be fuzzy until it gets reworked... the current implementation is inflexible)


Use jasmine.json in the root of your project dir to configure the runner. Here are a break down of the fields that the runner pays attention to:


Specifies where to load source files from


Specifies where to load specs from


####build_cmd In monitor mode : specify here a command to execute when files change but before browser reloads and specs rerun. For example a build command.


mute_passed (true | false)

When true, don't print in the console the result of specs that were successfuly passed.


An array of miscelanious scripts to include, like jquery


configuration details for the server, such as port

Missing a Feature?

Let me know! You can see my current backlog at https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/156137