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Latest commit c08813f Jan 11, 2017 @parikhshiv parikhshiv committed on GitHub Merge pull request #247 from forio/centered-axis
Updated example of use of centered axis can be seen here - (also demonstrates new placement of zeroAnchor and smartAxis flags).

All changes are backwards compatible (tested), but we may want to update docs re: formatting of yAxis options with the new 'scaling' attribute.

Forio Contour

Interactive Javascript Chart for Data Visualziations

Forio Contour provides a core set of common visualizations that you can see in the gallery, and it's easy to extend if you want to add your own customizations. Plus, it's free and open source.

Forio Contour uses the popular D3 engine and adds a set of intuitive abstractions so you can easily create graphs and charts.

Want to learn more? goto Forio Contour