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Azio Levetron Mech5 Keyboard Driver

Linux Driver for the azio levetron mech5 keyboard


  • Macro buttons (a/b+a/b1-5)
  • Toggling the lights
    • demo: for i in {0..3}; do echo $i | sudo tee /sys/bus/hid/devices/*:04D9:2819.*/azio-levetron-mech5/led; sleep 1; done
  • DKMS packaged in the AUR


  • Win on/off key & state (seems like it's not possible)
  • D1-6 Keys (default mapped to F1-6, they can be remapped with a patched hid descriptor)
  • only attach sysfs to one of the hid devices


  • Key events

  • Control Values


The driver exposes the backlight leds via sysfs. Write 0-3 to


where XXXX varies (e.g. 0008). 0-3 corresponds in binary to which led you want to be on or off. 0b00 = 0 means both lights off, 0b11 = 3 means both lights on. 1 = just macro key led on, 2 = just volume knob light on.

Kernel Driver Information

Manual (testing)

cd kernel-driver

Compile the driver


Load it from where it is

sudo insmod hid-azio-lv-mech5.ko

Replace the default generic driver

sudo ../misc/rebind.sh

Watch the debug messages

dmesg -w

Make changes and rebuild sudo rmmod hid-azio-lv-mech5 make ...

Note that rebind will only need to be run once.


Install dkms, yada yada yada. A package will be available in the archlinux AUR.

Proof of Concept Information

Requires Python 3.4+ and PyUSB


cd proof-of-concept
sudo python3 -i main.py
# to read the key states
>>> watch_special_keys()
# to set the backlight
>>> kbd = Mech5Keyboard()
>>> kbd.detach_kernel_driver()
>>> kbd.set_backlight(True, False)
>>> kbd.attach_kernel_driver()