Fork is an easy to use open source CMS using Symfony Components.
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  1. Make sure your have composer installed.
  2. Run composer create-project forkcms/forkcms . in your document root.
  3. Browse to your website
  4. Follow the steps on-screen
  5. Have fun!


Remark: If you are using GIT instead of composer create-project or the zip-file from, you should install our dependencies. The dependencies are handled by composer

To install the dependencies, you can run the command below in the document-root:

composer install -o


If you encounter any bugs, please create an issue on Github. If you're stuck or would like to discuss Fork CMS, talk to us on slack!

Running the tests

We use phpunit as a test framework. It's installed when using composer install. To be able to run them, make sure you have a database with the same credentials as your normal database and with the name suffixed with _test.

Running the tests:


Running only the unit tests or the functional tests

./bin/phpunit --testsuite=functional
./bin/phpunit --testsuite=unit

Styling the backend

The backend uses Bootstrap in combination with Sass. To make changes, you can either apply your styles in /src/Backend/Core/Layout/Css/screen.css or use Sass.

To use Sass, you first need to install it on your system, more info can be found here: If you use the command line, you can run the following command in your document root:

sass --watch src/Backend/Core/Layout/Sass:src/Backend/Core/Layout/Css --style compressed


The Fork CMS team