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Fork is an open source CMS.
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Fixes page titles with single quotes in it.
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app Bump Fork version to 3.9.6.
library Remove the old Analytics module.
src Fixes #1389
tools Add modulename option to install_locale command
.editorconfig Fix editorconfig - Fixes #762
.gitignore Add the sessions directory to the repository.
.htaccess Make sure files/url's containing "git" don't get a forbidden.
.travis.yml Only notify on changed build status. Fixes #1389 .travis.yml and reflect change in phpunit config. MIT license from now on Add a link to our slack team in the readme Add new modules_settings to the upgrade guide. Mergd master Upgrade guide updated Setting a url callback now use namespaces Add Twitter cards to the upgrade guide Update Bump Fork version to 3.9.6.
apple-touch-icon.png changed folder structure; updated installer
autoload.php Moved position
composer.json Update Symfony related dependencies.
composer.lock #1345 (Issue with incompatible version of Scrapbook)
favicon.ico credit where credit is due
index.php Terminate the kernel when the response has been send.
phpunit.xml.dist Add test for encoded redirect URL
tile.png add windows 8 tile to Fork core and to the Triton theme


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  1. Run composer create-project forkcms/forkcms . in your document root.
  2. Browse to your website
  3. Follow the steps on-screen
  4. Have fun!


Remark: If you are using GIT instead of composer create-project or the zip-file from, you should install our dependencies. The dependencies are handled by composer

To install the dependencies, you can run the command below in the document-root:

composer install -o


If you encounter any bugs, please create an issue on Github. If you're stuck or would like to discuss Fork CMS, check out the forum!

Running the tests

We use phpunit as a test framework. It's installed when using composer install. To be able to run them, make sure you have a database with the same credentials as your normal database and with the name suffixed with _test.

Running the tests:


Running only the unit tests or the functional tests

./bin/phpunit --testsuite=functional
./bin/phpunit --testsuite=unit


The Fork CMS team

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