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UPGRADE FROM 3.8 to 3.9


The $this->get('mailer')->addEmail(<too much parameters>) method has been removed in favor of $this->get('mailer')->send($message).

The $message parameter should be an instance of \Swift_Message. Fork provides an extended version of this message object that will also parse SpoonTemplates. You can use it like this:

// create a message object and set all the needed properties
$message = \Common\Mailer\Message::newInstance($subject)
    ->setFrom(array($fromEmail => $fromName))
    ->setTo(array($toEmail => $toName))
    ->setReplyTo(array($replyToEmail => $replyToName))
    ->parseHtml($template, $variables, $addUTM)

// send it through the mailer service

All occurences of sending emails in the core are replaced by this, so you can use this as a reference.