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Forkdrop Suite

A collection of tools and utilities to assist with privately and securely claiming of Bitcoin fork tokens. It is designed to be maximally secure and private by default by running on TAILS and only issuing external queries via Tor. It utilizes's onion gateway for obtaining Bitcoin balance info for specific addresses.

The tools included find (infer) fork and airdrop coins from a list of public addresses and blockchain data. It generates you a list of specific instructions for going about claiming them including generating the commands you need to run. It helps you keep organized through complicated claiming tasks by storing a save file which can be kept on an encrypted USB drive or SD card. It also provides tools for scraping block explorers and SPV providers of particular coins to help locate balances.

This project is affiliated with however it is licensed under the MIT for private use. We greatly appreciate any feedback, feature requests bug reports, contributions and donations to support this effort.


At present, this is still new software. We are still working on improvements.

These scripts do not access your private keys, but merely help getting you prepared and organized for using your private keys with another tool to transact.


This is only a very brief overview, we suggest seeing our more detailed and screenshot-illustrated guides linked from the the page to help you get started.


This set of scripts generates instructions for using the bitcoin_fork_claimer tool which is not affiliated with this project. The Forkdrop Suite software does not handle your private keys, but rather prepares you for using your private keys with the bitcoin_fork_claimer for transacting.

This tool takes a list of public addresses and (optionally) queries's onion gateway to obtain the balances that the addresses may have held during relevant periods for getting credited with fork and airdrop value.

Unfortunately,'s onion gatewaygateway has downtime, and sometimes rejects queries with a captcha to limit automated use (such as this). has the option to provide an Electrum server to query address transaction history info from with the --electrum-server parameter. A .onion Electrum server can be selected here when on TAILS (or another system configured for Tor). --electrum-port and --electrum-no-ssl are also options that may be necessary for connecting to the Electrum server of your choosing.

The output is a generated report detailing which coins have been credited along with a long, detailed list of tailored instructions for claiming the value over Tor by providing the private key to the bitcoin_fork_claimer tool with the appropriate wrapper.

Rather than querying's onion gateway, which is general information that can infer fork and airdrop value. This tool can query a subset of coin's SPV nodes and block explorers to obtain more specific balance info (but is less reliable than the non-coin-specific info on It also generates a report of tailored instructions for claiming the value of this coin.

Also, since this has to exit Tor, this method is possibly less private due to understood de-anonymization attacks on Tor.

At present, only a small subset of coins have support implemented. These are the set of coins which are airdrops (such that the data is not adequate) and have some degree of market acceptance and ability to claim.

Plugins for more coins beyond this set could be implemented in the future.

A script for marking particular pieces of value as claimed using a stored save file. This allows subsequent runs of and to display these coins as already claimed such that the generated reports can focus on unclaimed value.

A utility for converting a Bitcoin (BTC) addresses with the Bitcoin prefixes into a corresponding equivalent address of another coin which has modified the prefix.

This repository provides the relevant dataset from for offline private use by the scripts, however it is frozen at the time of the last update of the file in this branch. The dataset changes over time on the live website.

This script pulls down the current dataset from the site over Tor and overwrites the local copy.

Bech32 Addresses

Unfortunately, this set of tools does not support bech32 addresses since it relies on third party infrastructure (block explorers, Electrum servers) that don't currently have support. bitcoin_fork_claimer has limited support for bech32, but you must find the associated parameters yourself.

Third Party Code

The bitcoin/ subdirectory contains code from python-bitcoinlib which is licensed under LGPL v3 (or later)


A collection of tools and scripting for helping prepare and perform the task of claiming fork and airdrop value from Bitcoin keys







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