Couchbase to Couchbase Lite data synchronization demo
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Couchbase to Couchbase Lite synchronization demo

  • couchbase-sync-console — a console Java app that starts a local Couchbase Lite database and syncs it with Couchbase Server on http://localhost:4984/demo/. Once started, it accepts the following commands:
    • start — start the replication,
    • attach image_url — create a new document with attachment from url,
    • stop — stop the replication.

This app also depends on couchbase-lite-java-native, couchbase-lite-java-core and couchbase-lite-java which aren't on Maven Central repo yet, so you'll have to install them manually to your local repo :o)

  • couchbase-sync-ios — an iOS app that syncs through the same Sync Gateway http://localhost:4984/demo/ and displays the added documents as images in a UICollectionView.
  • sync-gateway-config.json — a config file for Sync Gateway