Xmega8E5 wireless pixel controller
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NOTE - I doubt I'll do anymore develpoment on this project as my current focus is an ESP8266 based replacement which is here - https://github.com/forkineye/ESPixelStick


Firmware for the PixelStick. PixelStick is a wireless pixel controller built around the Atmel ATxmega8E5 and Nordic NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz radio module. It is intended to be used with DIY Christmas lighting hardware as a receiver for other NRF24L01+ based wireless Christmas lighting transceivers such as the Komby products and nRFbridge. This is an Atmel Studio 6.2 solution with everything required to build the firmware.

Supported Wireless Protocols

  • Komby RFShowControl v0.3

Supported Pixels

  • WS2811 / WS2812

DIY Christmas lighting links